7 Best Tips on Jewelry Displays to attract Buyers.

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In the world of marketing, there are two main components playing around – the one who sell and the one who buy. So it is that important for marketers to make their products noticed. In terms of product display like jewelry display, the same instance is applied – either they might get the prospect buyers interest or fail to attract attention and make them go straight to the next shop or store.

It's a fine balance between style and restraint. There's no single "right way" to display jewelry. Though there are few effective ways to make your jewelry displays entices the jewelry itself and make the customer take a closer look.

1 - Grouping and Similarity: Jewelry Displays Blend with the Personality of Jewelry

One feature of good jewelry displays is that they reflect the style and personality of the jewelry line - and the taste of the targeted customer! Displaying variety of personality and characteristics makes a great benefit on store or booth. Be creative with the props, backgrounds, and textures you use in your jewelry displays. For ideas, flip through catalogs that feature women's fashions and jewelry. The idea is not to copy the way the catalogs display jewelry, but to use their settings as a springboard to a great new display of your own!

Example: Take a look at this...
Frosted white mannequin - Jewelry Display

Frosted white mannequin - Jewelry Display

Other interesting sources of inspiration for jewelry displays are antique shops and trendy clothing boutiques.

2 - Jewelry displays must be like a Pro

Although you can use all kinds of neat props for jewelry displays, I'd like to emphasize that your jewelry should stand out plainly as the star attraction in the display.
Don't get so carried away creating a cool setting that the display itself steals the scene! It's easy to let your creative zeal run away with you when you work on your jewelry displays.

3 – Using complementary fabrics may blend with seed-bead jewelries

Picture an entire table filled with bamboo stalks, tiger-print fabric, and driftwood under and behind every piece of jewelry. Ugh! It's busy and visually cluttered, and even if those elements do communicate the style of the jewelry line - you feel too overwhelmed to shop before you even take a look!

Instead, consider displaying about 80 percent of the jewelries gorgeously in jewelry cases, gift boxes, trays, necklace busts, bracelet / ring trays, or earring racks . . . and then accenting the table with the rest of your jewelry pieces featured on the bamboo stalks, tiger-print fabric, and driftwood. Now your accent props communicate your style of jewelry without overwhelming the display and the customer. Your props will look interesting and professionally designed if you exercise restraint!

4 – Jewelry Display should be secondary to the displayed jewelries

Jewelry should show up against whatever props and background materials you use.
A clear crystal quartz pendant would be practically invisible on a leopard print silk scarf, but a chunky silver cuff bracelet on the same scarf would stand out smashingly. A dark prop and background makes colorful jewelry set stand out stunningly. A background that distinct visually with the jewelry will help the jewelry stand out as the star of the scene being created for it.

Jewelry Display should be secondary like...
Frosted white polystyrene hand - Jewelry Display

Frosted white polystyrene hand - Jewelry Display
5 - Create Visual Interest in Your Jewelry Displays

I started out by displaying my jewelry completely flat on the tabletop.
Some friends kindly pointed out to me that my display needed more height variation. They were right!
I followed their recommendation by varying the heights of different parts of my display - and WOW! What a difference. It took out the monotony and added a lot of pizzas.
You can use all kinds of things to vary your heights in your jewelry displays, so experiment.
Other ideas for visual interest are to put things at unusual angles, and set props at a diagonal. Diagonals are always dynamic.

Another very effective and professional looking attention-grabber is a poster of one or more large photos of your jewelry, mounted on the wall of your booth or sitting on an easel behind your booth. Unless your jewelry displays are in a permanent showcase in a shop or studio, I recommend devising a display that's easily taken down for transporting and storage.
That means it should consist of elements that are durable enough to stand up to a bit of travel, lightweight enough to be carried by the weakest person in your group (if you have help when you do shows), and compact enough to fit into a box, bag, or trunk.

Also consider that you probably don't want to display jewelry on props that take forever to set up and take down if you do a lot of shows or parties. Efficient setup time is another important feature.

6 - Jewelry Displays Should Be Quick to Set Up and Take down Any type of jewelry pins can be displayed stuck into a decorated Styrofoam shape, pre-loaded at home.

I'm a big fan of efficiency. I like to have jewelry displays that I can pre-load with my jewelry at home and bring to the show or party all ready to just set on the table.
Before one show, I had only 45 minutes to carry everything (including my tables) into the building from my car and set up my entire 10' x 10' booth - and I managed the whole procedure with about 10 minutes to spare!

7 - Keeping Your Displays Pre-Loaded with Jewelry

Earrings have always been a great bread-and-butter item for me, and on revolving earring racks you can display a lot of earrings vertically where they can be seen, without taking up much of a footprint on your table. When I used these rotating earring racks, I loaded them completely at home. When they were full of earrings, I slipped the loaded display into a large plastic trash bag along with some no-tarnish strips, tied the bag shut, and slid the whole thing into a large plastic wastebasket container.

[Sources: Wikipedia.org and NileCorp.com]

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